Teaching Staff


Grainne O'Reilly, British
Founding and Executive Principal
Sophie Wang, Chinese
Deputy head of Upper School
Joseph Otley, British
Deputy head of Lower School
Robert Daws, British
IB Coordinator and Head of Boarding
Alexandria Berte, American
Academic Counselor
Lee Li, Chinese
Leader of Chinese High School
Chantal Onyinye, American
Amy Blakeley, American
Primary School
Connor Pearson, British
Primary School
Lisa Hinton, America
Primary School
Nick Wong, British
Primary School
Lana Thomas, American
Chemistry & Math Specilist
Rochelle Mathurin, Canadian
Mental Health and wellbeing Counselor
Robert Holmes, American
Science Specialist
Zien Li, Chinese
Math Specialist
Victoria M. Alexander, British
Art Specialist
Karlyne Felix, Canadian
Music Specialist
Maximilian Okrase, German
German Specialist
Peter Cox, British
IT Specialist
Zac Mccluskey, British
P.E Specialist
Andrew Peterson, British
Humanities Specialist
Emily Daws, Chinese
Ava Chen, Chinese
EAL Specialist
Zinan Chen, Chinese
EAL Specialist
Jennifer Li, Chinese
Chinese Specialist (Native)
Tina Zhang, Chinese
Chinese Specialist (Non-Native)
Yvonne Hong, Chinese
University Counselor
Lily Ho, Chinese
Support Teacher
Sissi Huang, Chinese
Support Teacher
Lauran Luo, Chinese
Support Teacher
Daniel Xu, Chinese
Support Teacher
Beth Chen, Chinese
Support Teacher
Elvis Chan, Hong Kong
Support Teacher
Wendy Yao, Chinese
Support Teacher
Sandy Gan, Chinese
Support Teacher
Annie Hu, Chinese
Support Teacher
Zita Yu, Chinese
Support Teacher
Auntie Liao, Chinese
Support Staff

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