2020-2021 Prize Giving


It is always such a pleasure to recognise outstanding achievement and today’s Prize Giving (delayed from June) was such a wonderful occasion.

We are so proud of each and every student at FEIS. We would like to take this opportunity to publicly celebrate all of our students’ endeavours. We are blessed with such remarkable children, and as Mrs O’Reilly noted in her speech this morning, these children are testament to tremendous parenting. It is your love and support that facilitates such outstanding academic success and positive behaviour.

Today we had the pleasure of celebrating children who have made consistent, exemplary efforts on a daily basis. To the parents who were in attendance today, thank you for your ongoing support of your children, encouragement and of course for allowing us the privilege to teach your children. To all of our Prize Winners – congratulations and WELL DONE!

★  Junior Prize Giving List★

★ Upper School Prize Giving List ★


Lion House

Captain: Leo Diao

Vice Captain: Nick Zhao, Amy Du

Dragon House 

Captain: Nick Mao

Vice Captain: Gigi Huang, Anna Zhang

Eagle House

Captain: Alex Kim

Vice Captain: Alex Tao, Katie Zhang

Phoenix House

Captain: Meira Shevah Porat

Vice Captain: Josie Li, Shiny Piu

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