2020 FEIS House Day


Last Week, at House Day the children and staff worked so beautifully together across all ages, to design, make, market and sell a product or products on behalf of their House’s chosen charity. We saw the most wonderful cooperation, support and understanding between children who would not normally meet during the course of a normal day and with children and adults who would not usually work together. It is very important that we encourage children to be entrepreneurial and to understand the value of money (and how hard one has to work to make it!) from a young age. This school also believes that we need to learn to care for others and work on their behalf, so supporting charity is a very valuable lesson to learn for all of our children, whatever their age. The House Spirit shown by families was absolutely DELIGHTFUL – We started receiving photos of whole families (and pets!) in House colours from very early in the morning – this sort of involvement, humour and support for the school and our children is what true international education is all about.

Our totals from today were:-

Dragons 1680 RMB (Guizhou Village School)

Eagles 3275 RMB (Nanhai STAR SEN School)

Lions 3175 RMB (Nanhai Orphanage)

Phoenix 2971 RMB (Guangzhou Children and Parents’ Centre)

As you can see, our Eagle House won the House Day and they are this year’s winner of the House Day Cup! Well done Eagle House!

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