2020 Halloween Celebration


Halloween is always a lovely time at Foshan EtonHouse International School; nothing scary or dark, just lots of fun and sweetness! At our Halloween assembly, many of our children dressed as super heroes, such as Iron Man, Wonder Woman, Mulan, Batman or Superman. What the children (and staff) did not know, is that we had three of our own heroes at the assembly!

Just recently, one of our children, Eagle, was at home with his elderly grandparents when his grandmother became extremely ill. Eagle’s grandfather was very, very upset indeed and very worried. Our super hero Eagle stayed completely calm, however. He made sure his grandmother was safe, he looked after his grandfather and he called the emergency services to get an ambulance to rescue his grandmother. Thankfully, Eagle’s grandmother is out of intensive care now and the doctors told his family that Eagle’s calm, sensible actions and attitude certainly saved her life.

In addition, two of our staff members, Auntie Annie and Ms. Heather saw a woman lying on the road last week. Cars, buses, bicycles and people were all rushing past and no one was helping her. These two heroes stopped the car, jumped out and went to care for this elderly woman; checking her breathing and pulse, and putting their bodies between her and the traffic. They called an ambulance which arrived very quickly and once again – a life was saved!

Everyone at Foshan EtonHouse International School is so proud and thankful to our heroes.

No one is ‘ordinary’, every life is precious and we can all become HEROES! Can you be a hero to someone, today?


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This page was last edited on November 2, 2020