2020 Happy Thanksgiving Day


Happy Thanksgiving to those who celebrate this festival! As an international school, it is so important to learn about different festivals such as this one. In Polars, we learned about the first thanksgiving, and how people celebrate today.

Polars made some excellent connections during this Literacy session, where they suggested that Squanto of the Wampanoag tribe was caring when he taught the pilgrims how to hunt and grow crops. They said he was Open Minded because the pilgrims were from another place but he still helped them.

Polars then read about thanksgiving individually, highlighting tricky words. We then read in groups and as a class, targeting the new vocabulary and working out the meanings based on the context clues.

At the end of the session, the children wanted to know more about the turkey pardoning, so we watched a short video. They found it hilarious!



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This page was last edited on November 27, 2020