2021 FEIS Sports Day


2020-2021 FEIS Sports Day

On Friday 26th March 2021, Foshan EtonHouse International School held a Sports Day for our entire learning community. Even our lovely parents got involved, wearing their House T-shirts with pride! The morning was for Lower School events and in the afternoon we cheered for our Upper School.

Sports day is a celebration of the sporting talents and teamwork of all the students at EtonHouse. This healthy competition gives the children opportunity to represent their Houses and earn points to try and see their House crowned champions. In the Lower School, students from Teddy Bears through to Grizzlies engaged in 12 different activities, working together with their House mates to amass as many points as possible. The Upper School then built on this by competing in 10 track and field events. Throughout the day students were awarded additional House Points for showing sportsmanship and for trying their very best!

The children were brilliant today and the School Council and older students were so very supportive of the younger children. Everyone joined in and did their absolute best, earning many, many, MANY House Points. Competition is important and is a part of real life. These sorts of experiences, whilst great fun, also teach children about skill, sporting behaviour, teamwork and the joys of winning. Indeed, these events also teach us how to lose gracefully too, and how to remain committed to doing one’s best even in the face of defeat. That is NEVER an easy lesson for any of us to learn.

The results from today were
Dragons 251,400
Eagles 276,500
Lions 173,400
Phoenix 185,200

So, with 276,500 House Points, Eagle House is the Sports Day Cup WINNER! Many congratulations Eagle House – what a super victory!

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