2021 IB PYP Exhibition


Foshan Etonhouse International School is delighted to share our 2021 IB PYP Exhibition. This year is our inaugural year of Exhibition which we have titled “The Leaders of Tomorrow have Thoughts, Feelings and Opinions Which Are Worth Listening to Today”. The Year 5 Grizzly Bears have stepped up to the task creating some outstanding pieces.

We have unfortunately been unable to have outside visitors attend our exhibit so we have adapted and created videos to be viewed online. The Grizzlies have Central Ideas as varied as “There are Positives and Negatives of Manufacturing” (Aiden), “No Matter Who You Are, You Must Not Discriminate” (Jiwoo) and “Space is Unfinished” (Kevin). We hope that you will find their ideas and opinions interesting and that they will inspire you to act upon them.

Please watch the video below…

Leadership Impacts The World Both Positively and Negatively by Mathea Huo

There Are Positives And Negatives Of Manufacturing by Aiden Liu

Anne Frank – No Matter Who You Are You Should Not Discriminate by Jiwoo Moon

How the Battle of Britain Changed The Tide of The War by Ricardo Mendoza

The Romans Were The Greatest Civilisation Of Their Era by Joyce Li

How To Help Or Prevent Internet Addiction by Constance Gao

Space Is Unfinished by Kevin Song

Ratio Is Important To Daily Life by Tina Xu

Why Chemistry Is Important To Us by Won Kim ,Tai Cheng Li and Carlos Choi

Ocean Life by Steve Diao and Emily Chen

People Express Themselves Through Fashion by Jenny Peng

On Friday June 18th we held a premiere for the Grizzly Bear class hosted by Mrs O’Reilly during which children were awared for their efforts and given the opportunity to watch their work as one whole completed movie. We are so proud of their efforts and we believe that what they have been able to produce is simply excellent. Go Grizzlies!

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