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World Book Day is a celebration of authors, illustrators, and books. Most importantly, it is a celebration of readers – that’s you!

Book Fair 

To celebrate World Book Day, at EtonHouse International School Foshan,  we have enjoyed a whole week of  celebrating books and reading. We held a three-day Book Fair from April 19 to April 21 during the Book Week with our book partners at Oink n Oink. Other than English books, they provided  books in other languages too. The students had a great time choosing and buying books for themselves. We’re so proud that the children have such a strong passion for reading.

Story Reading 

We also invited some students from different countries to come to the library class to read stories to the Lower School children. The Lower School children  enjoyed the stories so much and they were curious to learn more about languages they hadn’t heard before.

Lower Students’ works 

Students from Lower School also designed their own book covers and bookmarks.  Some of them chose beautiful sentences from their favourite books and wrote them on star shaped paper. All of their work was displayed on the display wall outside the library. The teachers spoke highly of their hard work.


On the World Book Day, all the children dressed up as characters from their favourite books. Even the teachers put on costumes as well. We had an assembly in the library to celebrate World Book Day. The children from Teddy Bears to Koala Bears sang some songs from some books.  Some children from Blue Bears and Polar Bears shared some books, explaining why they loved them so much. Some students from Spectacled Bears read a poem. The Grizzly Bears presented a whole-class show based on the MR MEN and LITTLE MISS collection of books. All the students and teachers were so delighted that it was such a successful assembly!


World Book Day is not just a special day for us; we love reading every day and you are welcome to join us!


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