Celebrating the Endeavours of FEIS Teachers


Again, I wish to highlight a section of the FEIS Mission Statement:

“We aim to foster a love of learning in children and provide them with the skills they need to be adaptable and flexible in a rapidly changing world.”

Our teachers have been actively modeling the key skills of adaptability and flexibility in the face of these trying times. Not only have our teachers been working tirelessly to create rich and engaging learning engaments, but they have also been facilitating emotional well-being through regular contact and interaction with their beloved students.

Our teachers have truly risen to the challenges of adapting to online teaching. We have received wonderful feedback from parents of FEIS children:

Parent of Lower School child

Hats off to you and your team. I believe our children would not be taken care better in other school. THANKS for your heartly dedication.

Parent of Upper School pupil

Thank you SO much for all your care and work as well to the staff!

Parent of Lower School child

EtonHouse always do the best work for the students ahead. Thank you Madame!

Parent of Upper School pupil

Thank you very much for all the support and hard work! EtonHouse do the most for their students in this difficult time! We support you as well!

Parent of Upper School pupil

We just read that the schools in Hong Kong won’t open before April 19th. We hope that it will be safe to open sooner over here but to be honest we are not too concerned about it. The ClassIn system seems to be a good alternative at the moment. We prefer it over the many tasks that they got last week. It was a bit much and our daughter seems a lot more motivated and relaxed again.

Parent of Lower School child

Full support from our side. Thanks a lot for timely update and the hard work by EtonHouse, best wishes and happy time to everyone

In short, no matter where they are, FEIS teachers are dedicated to bringing FEIS to you.

Let the video and photos speak for themselves:


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This page was last edited on April 26, 2020