Egg Breaking News! Easter Bunny Sighted at FEIS!


During this morning’s Friday assembly, eggxcitement broke out! Just as Mr. Daws was awarding some wristbands, the children spotted the Easter Bunny darting up the stairs!

The teachers were not convinced. A giant bunny? Here at EtonHouse Foshan? How could it be possible? What was he up to?

It later turned out that this clumsy Bunny had not only dropped all his Easter eggs on the school field, but he’d forgotten to fill them with chocolate! The caring children went in groups to help pick up all the misplaced eggs, helping Mr. Bunny to fill up his baskets.

Mr. Connor reached out to Mr. Bunny via his personal WeChat, as we wouldn’t want him to leave Foshan without his precious colourful eggs. The earlier reported sightings were confirmed as genuine when the Easter Bunny came to each classroom to thank the children for tidying up his lost eggs. Each child went home with some delicious mini chocolate eggs. What helpful children, and what a thoughtful Bunny!

EtonHouse Foshan would like to wish you all a lovely mid-term break, whichever festival or observances you may be celebrating. Take great care and we will see you all soon!

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This page was last edited on April 12, 2021