FEIS Nutrition Assembly


Following on from our Zero Waste last Monday, today we had the pleasure of inviting an expert nutritionist to our school. Ms Wang is a certified international nutritionist, and manages our school meals to ensure children receive healthy and balanced diets.

Ms Wang led an assembly on the importance of nutrition, before introducing the six essential nutrients we need in order to remain strong and healthy. Children learned about food groups, portion size and what we need to eat every day. There were some great questions from the audience, such as “What will happen if we eat too much sugar?” and “Can we drink orange juice every day?” Ms Wang stressed the importance of maintaining a balanced diet; we should enjoy all things in moderation. Tom in Year 3 raised his hand and added “We shouldn’t have too much or too little of anything, just the right amount.” An excellent point, and one that we must all try our best to remember.

Mr Connor led a smaller assembly for the Teddies and Honey Bears upstairs. They learned about eating a balanced diet, and participated in an interactive game, where they learned about having a balanced diet and not wasting food. The key to it all was to TRY EVERYTHING! We will never discover new and delicious foods if we never try.

The Teddies and Honeys danced and sang together about trying the food on their plate. The children should not feel forced into eating, but should want to try the food so they can find more and more delicious foods. At the end of the assembly, the Honeys and the Teddies worked together to fill some empty plates with toy food, and to “try” lots of different foods. It was a wonderful opportunity to practise teamwork, leadership and communication skills through play.

The impact of this assembly has been remarkable! Not a day goes by without children proudly presenting their empty plates to their teachers. They are so proud to be Zero Wasters! The Teddies and Honeys have also earned their first ‘Try Everything’ stickers for trying each part of their breakfasts and lunches.

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