FEIS Zero Waste Assembly


Last week at FEIS we had an assembly on Zero Waste. We discussed the importance of not wasting food. There were some brilliant answers such as “We have so much food, and some people don’t have enough”. The children worked in small groups led by the Grizzly Bears Class to form Essential Agreements about not wasting food.

We are going to celebrate ‘Zero Wasters’ who show us empty plates. It is very important to note (and we discussed this in the assembly) that this doesn’t mean over eating, or eating too much! We are also making it very clear to students that whilst we aim for zero waste, children are not under pressure to finish everything if they truly feel full. It means you take what you need, and turn down food you know you don’t like or don’t need. We encourage children to try everything first. If it is their first time to eat it, they are to ask for a little bit (for younger ones, teachers will facilitate this). If they like it and want more, they may go to get more.

We are celebrating those who do not WASTE food, not those who eat a lot! Let’s all join together to make this work!


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This page was last edited on December 1, 2020