Foshan EtonHouse House Day 2019


This event was an incredible example of everything that we stand for here at Foshan EtonHouse International school! There was fun, healthy competition, laughter, hard work, collaboration and selflessness. As with any event, it is often easy to overlook the hard work that went into making the day itself such a success. Houses held meetings where roles were decided, teams were built, ideas were bounced around and charities were chosen.

Each House worked as a team, from the youngest to the oldest, everyone had a part to play, be it manufacturing, sales or marketing. Lions chose to provide ice cream sundaes, with a range of toppings for customers to make their own sundaes. They even procured a mobile ice cream cart (sorry, it will be back to housing salad options from Monday) so as to maximise their profits. Eagles decided to offer a range of products, from a pop-up nail salon to popcorn, and had the most fantastic displays to go alongside their products. As if that wasn’t enough, they also threw a curveball by introducing a surprise raffle. The Phoenix Team chose to support Animal Action Guangzhou and made delicious chocolate pawprints and jelly puddings. The hard work and dedication that the children put into this product was just phenomenal – and they were certainly inspired by the practical example of rescued puppy Shadow, the School Dog, and more recently Ophelia, who was adopted from AAGZ by Mr Holmes and Miss Berte. Dragons definitely won the best looking stall award, which was decked out in ribbons and balloons. They sold Dragon Goo (obviously!) and chocolate brownies. These were snapped up in minutes, and seemed to be even more popular than the cupcakes of last year!

A fantastic day of collaboration and smiles, and most importantly, all in the name of charity. The grand total surpassed 17,000 RMB! Dragons, 5252 RMB for Guizhou Rural School. Eagles, 3179 RMB for Star SEN Foshan. Lions, 6136 RMB for Foshan Orphanage. Phoenixes, 2749 RMB for Animal Action Guangzhou. Thoroughly well deserved congratulations to Lion House for winning the House Day Cup, and huge congratulations and thanks to every single child, teacher, and family involved in making the day possible.


This page was last edited on April 1, 2019