Foshan EtonHouse IGCSE Results 2021


Here at EtonHouse, we are delighted to announce a record-breaking year for IGCSEs. This is a testament to the outstanding work of both students and teachers combined. This was the biggest cohort of students to sit the IGCSEs yet and they all gave a valiant effort. There were also stand-out performers such as Alex Kim receiving an A* and 3 As, which is especially impressive considering English is his second language. This success will come as no surprise to anyone that has met Alex because of his excellent work ethic and the dedication of the teachers.

The biggest area of success was in physics with 100% of students achieving an A grade in this very challenging subject. There was also success in Art with 100% of students achieving a passing grade; this is made all the more impressive by the fact many of the students took this exam a year early. We are also very pleased with the German as a Foreign Language result for Silke and her teacher Herr. Okrasa where together they achieved a B grade.  Meanwhile, there were fantastic results in both Chinese as a First Language and Second Language, where 100% of students achieved a pass and over 50% of students achieved an A grade or higher. We would also like to give a special thank you to the incredible work of Ms. Ann since her arrival last year. She has been working one-to-one with all of the students to help with their IGCSEs and we are extremely lucky that our students can have such support here at EtonHouse.

At EtonHouse we have a holistic approach to education and we recognise that education is more than just achieving high grades. We aim to produce not only successful people, but leaders of the future. Therefore, we would like to appreciate the work ethic and personal growth that these young students made throughout the year. It has been fantastic to see students such as Cici, Nick Mao, Shelby, and Sophia mature into fine young men and women and we look forward to welcoming them all back this year to continue their academic and personal journeys.



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