Happy 25th Anniversary, EtonHouse


Foshan EtonHouse took part in a wonderful virtual event on Friday 6th November to celebrate the 25th Anniversary of the EtonHouse International Education Group. The event was attended by over a hundred schools and everyone joined together from all over the world to celebrate this wonderful event and the amazing family who started this inspiring story 25 years ago in Singapore.

Founded as a revolutionary, inquiry approach to education that supports and nurtures each and every child, the EtonHouse International Education Group has grown to 120 schools around the world in 12 countries.

Foshan EtonHouse is now in its fifth year and has grown rapidly; providing outstanding British education for children from the age of 2, all the way up to 18. Foshan EtonHouse is so proud to be part of this wonderful group and to share in its outstanding success.

This page was last edited on November 9, 2020