“How the World Works” with the Spectacled Bears


The Spectacled Bears have been working through their 4th Unit of Inquiry of the year based around “How the World Works”. The semester started on the 6th of February and it has been a unique process in that it has been completed entirely online. This is a great unit with a lot of interesting activities based around geographical and scientific concepts, as well as some mythical ones! Transdisciplinary Themes are ideas that run through every subject the student is learning during a unit. For example, the Spectacled Bears recently learned about the composition of the Earth and the effect of tectonic plates in their Geography lessons which culminated in a research project and presentation of a major earthquake, tsunami or volcano. Students built models and made a poster to illustrate information and present it in a clear and logical manner.

Their Science lessons have focused on “States of Matter” as they explore and test the relationships between solids, liquids and gases, contributing again to their knowledge of “How the World Works”. We have even looked at some Myths and Legends in our Literacy work that explore some culture’s ideas about how the world began. As we look through our key concepts of change, causation and connection we can see how things change over time and explain their causes and effects on human civilization. Throughout the unit, students have produced some excellent examples of their independent work including essays, diagrams and presentations based around their exploration of the subjects. The Spectacled Bears have proven themselves to be flexible and resilient through this challenging time and I have been thoroughly impressed by the quality of work they have achieved at home with the support of their parents. I can’t wait to see what they accomplish next.

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