Mental Health Awareness at FEIS


In the past week the Upper School students participated in the Community Centre Shanghai Clothesline Project. This project was started by the Youth Mental Health Advocate group, in order to raise awareness of teen mental health, and break the stigma that often surrounds the issue of mental health.

We are proud of each student who shared inspiring words, or created a beautiful image on their shirt. These shirts will be shipped to Shanghai to be included in a large exhibition that is made up of shirts created by different schools and individuals from around the country.The Clothesline project is an opportunity to use art to create a discussion on an otherwise taboo topic. At EtonHouse we are grateful to incorporate this project into our everyday school curriculum. As the semester continues, students will be discussing various stigmas, ways to stop this, coping strategies when one has poor mental health and debunking mental health myths.

At EtonHouse our students’ mental health and wellbeing is a central component to what we do, to ensure that every student is thriving and facilitated to strive for their fullest potential, not only in school, but also in the wider community and the world at large.

This page was last edited on January 17, 2022