Our Experience and Growth


Review of Upper School Residential Journey- Our Experience and Growth

The Upper School students had an exciting Residential Trip to Zengcheng this year. It is a great privilege to explore the great outdoors and we are happy the students were able to enjoy themselves.Learning does not only take place in the classroom, which is why the Residential Trip is an important part of our academic calendar. The trip incorporates a variety of physical activities to help students challenge themselves and develop independence, resilience and grit!The students showed their determination and sportsmanship during the long hike up Baishui Village waterfall mountain, where they helped and encouraged one another. The Keystone Adventures guides and our teachers ensured the safety of all students throughout the trip.
Our Experiences
First let’s have a quick review of our 3 days itinerary-
Day 1:High Ropes Activities, Camping

Day 2:Baishuizhai waterfall hiking
Day 3:Kayaking

In those three days, our students and teachers experienced high- rope obstacle courses, camping, hiking and kayaking. During the outdoor activities, our team coaches explained each activity in detail, and carefully designed a variety of fun team games. The students had a great time! Our teachers encouraged students to actively participate in all activities.

During these activities, our students showed an appreciation for the importance of protecting and respecting nature, mastered the skills of navigation and map reading, and more importantly, they learned to try their best to overcome their fears and get out of their “comfort zone”. We are so proud of all our students!

Across those 3 days, students needed to work together to complete team tasks. They experienced the importance of teamwork. The students agreed that “Next year, let’s be a team again and continue to encourage and support each other”.

Our Growth

After the residential journey, our Upper School students went back to their normal school routines in a happy mood. In the University Counseling class, our university counselor Ms. Yvonne led the students to review this wonderful and challenging outdoor development activity. Seeing the familiar scenes, all the excitement and happiness about the trip sparked some wonderful conversations about their experiences, joy and challenges they faced during the activities, and shared their thoughts and gains with one another.

Our Upper School has offered University Counseling class from Y6. We believe that it is never too early to help children plan a successful life in advance! The purpose of University Counseling class is to develop students’ specialties and abilities, improve their learning and social skills, and finally help achieve students’ learning goals and career options.

During the class, the students could not wait to speak when they were sharing their ‘Rock, Stick and Leaf’. Students worked in groups to share their three-day unforgettable journey experience, their own feelings and growth in the form of posters.

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