The importance of rewarding students during Online Teaching



At this time where children are at home and possibly feeling frustrated, it is vital that we strive to maintain the morale of our learners and their families. Here at Eton House, everything we do academically, pastorally and socially stems from our core belief in our Positive Behaviour Model. A key part of this philosophy for us is our rewards systems. For younger students one such reward is Paw Prints which are usually drawn on a child’s hand by Mrs. O’Reilly our Principal. Whilst it is not currently physically possible to award these, Mrs O. Reilly has created a Paw Print sticker for use on Wechat and sends an audio message to student’s parents explaining exactly why they are being rewarded.

For our students from Key Stage 2 upwards we take a more collegiate approach to rewards and each student is awarded House Points for their House which goes towards the year’s summative total and the House Point Cup. For this, students are also sent a voice message explaining why they are being awarded their points.

As an IB school perhaps the most important element of our Behaviour Model is the Learner Profile which we reward by issuing wristbands for children throughout the school, whether you are 3 or 13 if your behaviour is Principled, Reflective, Balanced or any of the other traits, we aim to recognise this in front of the whole school. Each Tuesday and Friday a video of a virtual assembly is created in order to record the achievements of our students as nominated by their teachers and peers. During this video we explain why the students are being given their awards and offer encouragement to maintain their work.

These videos have been very well received by students and parents who have found that it gives their children a boost in encouraging their studies as well as maintaining a link to their friends who unfortunately they haven’t been able to see in so long. When the videos are published we often see a stream of messages from children congratulating each other and offering encouragement. The warmth students feel from each other, from the parents and the teaching staff is genuine and truly helps keep morale high and positive.

Rewards must of course, be deserved, but we have used a combination of all of our various awards to not only recognise what has been achieved, but for some, to encourage what might be possible. With the children’s individual involvement our Principal has even had children reflecting on their output or effort and responding that they may not actually ‘deserve’ an award yet! This sort of thought process is an absolute joy to see and develop and has been an unexpected outcome of these challenging times.


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This page was last edited on April 26, 2020