High School


Senior years

The FEIS High School Diploma caters to students looking for a challenging university preparatory programme. This programme is taken in conjunction with university entrance examinations from the country where the student wishes to attend university, ensuring that FEIS High School graduates are well-equipped to enter the universities of their choice.

Genuine enthusiasm and a great work ethic in a subject is as important as ability, so deciding on which courses to take can be complex and thought-provoking. Our team will guide each student and his or her family though the choices, decisions and implications, individually. In addition, FEIS provides career and college counseling for all of its students once students enter the High School. This is to help the students and their families to be more aware of the various careers available.

In addition, student leadership is a dynamic, inspirational, and supportive component of the High-School. Opportunities are provided for students to learn, practice, and apply age-appropriate leadership skills and strategies. Students participate in formal leadership roles, such as Prefects and Captains. They plan and implement activities involved with social service, House Meetings and Spirit Days. Every students at FEIS belongs to a House. Each House provides an opportunity for House activities and meetings that promote cross-age relationships and foster a sense of community within the school.

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