Parent Testimonials


Testimonial from Simon’s Parent

There is no greater gift for a child than education, was my father’s lesson to me, now as a parent I have the responsibility to raise my own family, I would say the gift is in the quality of the education not measured by how much homework the child gets or how high his grades are. I can see that now with my son who jumps out of bed everyday excited about going to school and wants to go even during his weekends. I have seen a transformation of how he sees himself not afraid to make mistakes and not afraid of asking questions, he wants to learn and is given the tools to do it himself, he is being taught to think and believe in what he is capable of doing. When I was searching for a primary school for my son I visited at least 10 schools they all had good things to offer and not one mold fits all, but what I never asked myself during that search was how happy my son could be, I thought of his academic and social development , curriculum etc. ..but I never considered his development in self-esteem, kindness, love of teaching and learning, compassion, inclusion, diversity, this is all given with such genuine care at Foshan EtonHouse that it reassures the right decision that we made by choosing this school for our son. Here they not only learn what they need in their academic years but they really are shaping the leaders of the future.

Ana Ortegon


No existe un regalo mas grande que la educación, fue la lección que me dio mi padre, ahora con mi familia tengo la responsabilidad de enseñarle a mis hijos la importancia de esto. Viendo crecer a mi hijo veo que no solo es tema de educación, de calificaciones o de tareas es una cuestión de calidad y de el cuidado con el que se enseña. Todos los días mi hijo salta de su cama para irse al colegio todos los fines de semana me pregunta si van a terminara para poder ir a aprender, veo en el una transformación en la forma como se percibe a si mismo con seguridad y sin miedo a equivocarse,a preguntar con curiosidad y avidez de aprender sobre el mundo que lo rodea. Visitamos muchos colegios antes de tomar la decisión de ir a Eton House, todos tenían cosas para ofrecer, pero en esa búsqueda las preguntas que me planteaba respecto a la educación de mi hijo era en términos de nivel académico, curriculum etc pero nunca pregunte por que tan feliz mi hijo podia estar, por su autoestima, por los valores que iba a aprender como la inclusión, ser un caballero, respeto por los demás, amor a aprender. Todo esto es lo que vive a diario en su colegio, es parte de su filosofía de enseñar y lo hacen con tal dedicación y cuidado que reafirma lo que creo que es una educaron integral. Veo que esta aprendiendo lo que necesita en su vida académica y que le están dando las herramientas para ser un líder  y enfrentar al futuro.

Con infinito agradecimiento,

Ana Ortegon



Testimonial from Mathea and Nario’s mum

School is the first step for children to enter the society. It is particularly important for them. Choosing schools for children is also one of the required courses for parents.

One hundred people have one hundred views on education. Education can not be defined by good or bad, but only to find the best way to suit yourself. For me, it is important that a lower grade child needs to fall in love with the place where he goes every day. Only falling in love with the school and finding happiness in the school will let them fall in love with learning and love to explore every new field. So the guidance of the school is very important. Fortunately, my daughter and my son find a school which they love so much. Every morning they will be full of expectation to go to school, every day back home they will be full of pride to share everything happened in school with me. When they have a holiday or even in the weekend they will keep asking me how long it will be possible to back to school. I think the enthusiasm and interest of the school, compared to some of the children who exclude school, will support them further on their future school roads.

Mathea and Nario’s mum


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