Welcome Back to School


It’s an exciting and long-awaited time for FEIS! Today we welcomed back Upper School, Year 6-11 to our campus!
FEIS continues to follow the Foshan and Nanhai Education Bureau’s COVID-19 Prevention and Control guidelines with testing, temperature checks, disinfecting protocols, wearing masks and other precautions, to keep students and essential faculty safe.

We are also offering training, from time, Q&A and information to students who have returned to our campus today for the first time since January.
Upper School students behaved very sensibly in classrooms, corridors and the dining hall when they returned. We teachers are very glad to see them and to see these excellent, responsible attitudes!

Our boarders are back as well. Our boarding school follows Covid 19 routines for boarders lead by our Boarding Master Mr. Daws. To support our boarding teachers and students, I’m also going to live in school from now until the end of this semester. I always enjoy being with my students, the time we spend together develops our mutual trust and better understanding.

Thanks to our teaching team and admin team, everything went smoothly today.
Sincere thanks to our parents. I know I have said this many times, but thank you so much for your support and well done to everyone.

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This page was last edited on May 22, 2020