2021 IB PYP成果展


佛山伊顿国际学校很高兴分享我们的2021年的IB PYP展览。今年是我们举办IB PYP展览的第一年,展览名为「未来的领袖,他们的想法、感受和意见值得今天去倾听」。5年级灰熊班的孩子们做了一些非常棒的作品。

可惜的是,我们不能让其他人来参观我们的展览,所以我们制作了视频供线上观看。灰熊班孩子们选题各式各样,比如Aiden的选题“制造业的积极影响和消极影响” ,Jiwoo的“不管你是谁,你都不能有歧视”和Kevin的“未完成空间”。我们希望你会发现他们的有趣的想法,并从中得到启发。

Leadership Impacts The World Both Positively and Negatively by Mathea Huo

There Are Positives And Negatives Of Manufacturing by Aiden Liu

Anne Frank – No Matter Who You Are You Should Not Discriminate by Jiwoo Moon

How the Battle of Britain Changed The Tide of The War by Ricardo Mendoza

The Romans Were The Greatest Civilisation Of Their Era by Joyce Li

How To Help Or Prevent Internet Addiction by Constance Gao

Space Is Unfinished by Kevin Song

Ratio Is Important To Daily Life by Tina Xu

Why Chemistry Is Important To Us by Won Kim ,Tai Cheng Li and Carlos Choi

Ocean Life by Steve Diao and Emily Chen

People Express Themselves Through Fashion by Jenny Peng

6月18日星期五,我们举行灰熊班展览的首映式,由Mrs O’Reilly主持,孩子们的努力得到奖励,并观看他们的成果,就像整部电影一样。我们为他们的努力感到骄傲,我们相信他们的作品是非常棒的。加油灰熊班的孩子!

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